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Artisan traditions have been going on for thousands of years in Peru, building up a legacy and great pride in knitting that have been passed down from generation to generation.  This creativity in knitting stems from a sense of aesthetics and constant innovating from all phases of the knitting cycle, from the cultivation of the fibers to the spinning of yarns, from the dyeing to the final hand knitting.

However living in poverty and without access to local markets, this beautiful tradition is in danger of disappearing as artisans are often forced to abandon their cultural traditions and leave their villages moving to crowded cities taking on any work they can find to make ends meet.  Sadly, most live day-to-day in devastating conditions in the crowded cities.

1533814_315512768638770_5738306937617938345_n Inspired by what we saw during a trip to Peru, we created Liani Swim to directly help artisan communities and preserve their amazing handcraft traditions.  Liani Swim is a socially conscious brand that confronting the root causes of poverty by providing an alternate way of doing business.  Much more than just providing market access, we took it a step further and developed a platform that focuses on the skill development.  See, we started with a few artisan communities we personally located, and then for several months worked hand in hand developing prototypes of our designs with their feedback and ideas to make each product more durable, comfortable and, of course, adorable.  We provided the artisans new instruments for knitting, materials, supplies, smart phones, photo cameras, and training of how to use these new technologies and email, phone communication apps, bank depositing, standardizing knitting techniques, maintaining accounting books, and introduction to some key contacts in Peru. 

It’s not just teaching new and basic skills, it’s actually how they and we can use entrepreneurship as a tool for changing the world and making a difference. 

These amazing handmade products we make together have a really huge impact.  An impact that gives them hope.


Help support these dedicated artisans and check out some of summer’s gorgeous crochet swimwear at!



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